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Earth Moving Machinery



The candidates must be physically fit in order to be able to demonstrate all the practical components related to the operation of the equipment's, and have basic numeracy  and language ability.



  1. Introduction to the Equipment
  2. Mechanical Appreciation
    1. Basic Working Knowledge and Fault Finding on the Machinery
    2. Engine – Fuel System, Lubrication/Hydraulic System, Cooling System -Transmission – Pre select and Hydraulic drives
    3. Hydraulic Operation System             -Differentials and Final Drives    -Brake System – Parking and Foot Brakes
    4. Electrical System – Including the Battery                   - Electronic/Driver Monitoring System (Optional)
  1. Safety Precautions
    1. Operator Daily Checklist
    2. Starting, Operating, Transporting, Refuelling, Shutdown, Servicing
  1. Practicals
    1. Operating - Loading/Excavating/Back Filling/Lifting/Job Layout
    2. Working with Various Attachments like: Hydraulic Hammers, Forks, Clamps, Concrete Buckets. Etc

Assessments – Theoretical and Practical