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Fire Fighting

The course is designed to equip individuals with basic knowledge on fire safety, fire prevention and fire fighting at the workplace and even at homes and any other public places.


Candidates are equipped with basic knowledge on how to deal with any fire related emergencies in order to react and respond positively to unwanted fires for total safety where ever they might be.


The course is offered over a period of two days with a theory and practical assessment at the end of the training programme.

  1. Introduction
  2. Causes of fire
  3. Fire prevention
  4. Elements of fire
  5. Methods to extinguish fires
  6. How does fires spreads
  7. Kinds of fire fighting equipment's
  8. Fire extinguishers and their specifications
  9. Classes of fires
  10. Advantages and disadvantages of fire extinguishing mediums
  11. Identification of fire extinguishers
  12. Instruction labels
  13. How to operate various kinds of Fire Extinguishers, Fire hose reels, Fire blankets
  14. Steps to be followed when a fire is discovered
  15. Emergency evacuation procedures
  16. What to do when fire is discovered