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Hazchem / Dangerous Goods Transporters

This course is designed for those individuals involved with handling and transportation of dangerous or hazardous goods on their specific workplace.

Candidates are equipped with the necessary knowledge and information needed when handling, packaging and transportation of hazardous goods from their workplace to various destinations.


The course is offered over a period of 1 full day (2 days optional) depending on the candidates’ educational level.


The course content includes both theory and practical assessment at the end of the lesson.

  1. Introduction to Dangerous/Hazardous Goods
  2. Operator Compliance
  3. Storage Requirements for Dangerous/Hazardous Goods
  4. Storage or Premise Compliance
  5. Transportation Vehicle Compliance
  6. Driver Compliance
  7. Handling of Hazardous Goods
  8. Transportation of Hazardous Goods
  9. Emergencies with Dangerous Goods
  10. Spillage Handling
  11. FIRE FIGHTING, FIRST AID and other related emergencies
  12. Incident management and incident report
  13. Penalties for non-compliance
  14. Assessments